"As an artist, I am constantly experimenting with ways to help the viewer physiologically interact with my work – whether it is through sculpting thick layers of paint, infusing work with visceral life experiences, or manipulating color patterns like a code to unlock some latent memory from a dream.

This process is alchemic. The work transcends the classical notion that a painting is an illusion of visual reality – it becomes something else. It lingers in your mind and slips into your bloodstream. Over time and multiple interactions, a bond is formed. You respond to the painting, and it responds to you. It raises or lowers your blood pressure. It changes, and you change.

Once this type of relationship is formed between a painting and the viewer, it no longer seems unreasonable to grab the canvas out of a burning building. Not because of its appraised worth – but because it has become your totem."

. . .

Mado Smith is an artist and musician living and working in Charleston SC. He is a graduate of the College of Charleston’s Studio Art program.