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Mado smith

Love & Death. Oil and Medium. 30”x 30”. Mado Smith. 2014.
Lana no. 1. Oil on Canvas. Mado Smith. 2014 #lanadelrey #lanadelreyart #lanadelreypainting #paintings
"Sub-Gurl" Mado Smith. 2014. Oil on Canvas. 30x40"
Working on a piece for @littledragonflicks, stay tuned.
More collage work- this time for @morillomusic ‘s killer Beanie Man remix. Go Girl.
A collaborative effort with Miss @bellawoods for her amor, @inmocean. Bella.
2.14.14 Polar Vortex Mix by Mummbls on Mixcloud

Holed up in my room and inspired by the recent weather we’ve been having in Charleston, I recorded this mix last night. I hope you enjoy it. Big up my homie Mado Smith for lacing me with this cover at an ungodly hour this morning.
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